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Disturbi del sonno,Infiammazione ed invecchiamento-Longevamente-Milano 26 settembre 2014-

Dott.Ascanio Polimeni

Sleep loss, neuroendocrineimmune imbalancement and Inflammaging


Background. Poor sleep is prospectively linked to all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. Inflammatory processes may be an important biological mechanism linking poor sleep to cardiovascular disease,cognitive decline,obesity,diabesity,metabolic syndrome,immuneaging,cancer,chronic inflammatory diseases and other aging related diseases. Such processes involve active participation of signaling molecules called cytokines in development of these diseases.

Purpose. Experimental sleep deprivation and clinical observational studies suggest a bidirectional relationship between sleep and inflammatory cytokines.

Results. Findings from sleep deprivation studies indicate that sleep loss is associated with increases in these cytokines. Similarly, studies in clinical populations with sleep problems, such as primary insomnia patients and those diagnosed with major depression, also show elevations in these same cytokines.

Conclusions.Bidirectional communication between the brain and the immune system is carried out through a complex network of autonomic nerves, endocrine hormones, and cytokines. Disturbed sleep appears to perturb the functioning of this network and therefore contribute to elevations in inflammatory mediators linked to Aging and aging related diseases.

20 Agosto 2014